Friday 30 Sep, 2011

Banned Books Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

photo credit: Samantha Henry, The Daily Easton

Here are a few lesson plans and classroom resources regarding banned books and censorship:

Examining Challenged and Banned Books helps students think critically and use persuasive writing to explain their perspective on books from the American Library Association’s list of most frequently banned books.

Read.Think.Write provides classroom activities to celebrate Banned Book week and other banned book resources.

The Censorship in the Classroom: Understanding Controversial Issueslesson plan allows students to create an advertising campaign to influence people about a banned book. Through their research they may find they are for or against the ban and will use creativity, communication and critical thinking to persuade others through their campaign.

Censorship: An Educator’s Guide from Random House will give high school students an understanding of how the First Amendment works in and influences their own lives

The New York Times Learning Network blog has a post on banned books, which includes numerous articles, activities and other resources to to help students get thinking and better understand how and why books are banned.

You might also want to check out the University of Missouri’s eThemes page on banned books.

The First Amendment Center also provides an lesson plan on banned books as part of their larger series of First Amendment lesson plans.

Students might also enjoy reading what beloved author Judy Blume has to say about censorship and book banning.

Do you have any other banned book resources or lesson plans to suggest?